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73 Responses to Contact Us

  1. will says:

    just want to thank you for all the great shows u post for us… thank u thank u thank u !!

  2. szachtar says:

    Hi! What with me? I have to know do I have to search a new site to work.

  3. szachtar says:

    Do You read this reply? Im szachtar, music uploader, can anybody answer me?

  4. Argon says:

    Thanks, I like your new site.

  5. Argon Lazarus says:

    I have never received my registration password. I really like your site and hope to use it frequently.

  6. Sherif says:


    Need New Uploaders???

  7. Ghost says:

    Send you application on [email protected]

  8. alex says:

    Hello.I registered and then checked all my email folders but no confirmation mail haw arrived.Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance

  9. ST says:

    Thank you guys for your hard work.
    Need help. This website had gone mobile format on my phone. How do I revert it back to full site mode?

    • Ghost says:

      That is because we added new code for mobile users, it is auto checked when you visit on your mobile, i will try to add a button to switch from one version to another.

  10. riks says:

    Hey it looks like all the safeurl.me links are dead. Is there anyway to fix these?

  11. KMT says:

    You guys are awesome!!

  12. st says:

    Hi Ghost,
    Any word on the full site toggle from mobile? I can’t stand this mobile version. I can’t sort.
    It doesn’t have option to select category.


  13. Margota(Rus) says:

    It is just a big thank you for you all guys! It is the first site that I check for a new and fast rip to download from.
    Thank you so much!

  14. ali says:

    could you put online link also

  15. invi says:

    i have disabled adblock for this website – only to support you.
    But there are so many annoying popups on a single clicks that are making me wanna enable the adblock again.

  16. Ghost says:

    It works like this, the more time you spend on site the less pop ups you get. Made like that to be convenient for our loyal visitors. It is a must so we can cover our server cots.

  17. Jake S. says:

    Do you guys have a reciprocal relationship with Uploaded.com? I am about due for renewing my subscription, and I would like to renew my subscription through your site if it would benefit you. Otherwise, thanks for everything you guys do.

  18. fxs6383 says:

    Hi, I have joined the forums, but I never get any email confirmation via email to continue. May I get some assistance?


  19. Ghost says:

    Hello, accounts are being approved manually, you are now registered user, enjoy the forum.

  20. fxs6383 says:

    Ok. Will try again.


  21. Ghost says:

    All new users are moved to registered group.

  22. st says:

    Great work guys! Loving game front

  23. xdcam says:

    Hi! Is there any chance for me to become author (uploader) on 2ddl?
    I’m waiting your answer, thx!

  24. xdcam says:

    Hello admin can answer me?

    “Hi! Is there any chance for me to become author (uploader) on 2ddl?
    I’m waiting your answer, thx!”

  25. LeptOn says:

    First of all, excellent site you guys have here.
    Did you guys noticed the strange behavior with the new template? When one selects a category, like TV Shows, quite a few entries normally showed at the homepage (unfiltered or untagged page) does not appear there.
    Hope that can be helpful.

  26. the man says:

    Hey dude merry xmas, thanks for all your hard work, we all appreciate it.

  27. Colin Reid says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard paid off work! If It’s not too much trouble I was wondering If It was possible If you could start uploading Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory Season 7 when it airs on January 1, 2015? Hope to hear back soon. Thank you!

  28. big_shamu says:

    The site is propagating itself – takes some time to your area. It will be over soon and everything will return to normal. Just b Patient.

  29. emil says:

    First of all, great site, and great work.
    I have a RSS feed link: 2ddl.link/category/movies/bluray/feed/, but updates stopped at December 27.

  30. Jm Smith says:

    one more thing very good site…

  31. Psy Gentleman says:

    Hi, I am Psy Gentleman, and I would like to help with music uploads! I am very experienced. You can verify me because I am [mR12], a music torrent uploader at KAT. I know where to get leaks, and quickly! Please contact me back! Thanks!

  32. Johnn B says:

    I noticed you guys aren’t doing rapidgator anymore. Are you guys done with that provider for good?

  33. alchemist83 says:

    Super website! Keep it up & THANK YOU πŸ™‚

  34. freelancer says:

    Hi Guys, awsome site you got! Love it! Is it correct that there is only one RSS Feed Adress for all of your content? And is it possible to receive more than ten entries? A bit low for your massive output, isn’t it? Thanx anyway for your great work!

  35. jason says:

    Love 2ddl!!

  36. marvelfrozen says:

    hello, do the forum still accept new members? I registered and never got the activation mail. then I read here that registrars are manually activated. And thanks for keeping the site running, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

  37. Ghost says:

    Which post?

  38. Aaron says:

    You were down for several hours and I felt so freaking bad. Please stay online! Thank you for all your posts.

  39. Donaldix says:

    Just wanted to thank all the team for the superb job on this site.
    If there is any way we can support you, please do not hesitate to guide us accordingly. Long live 2ddl πŸ™‚

  40. Samue98 says:

    Here is episode 7 of agent x http://hugefiles.net/mlypoa1lon5m

  41. Samue98 says:

    Episode 9 of Agent X http://hugefiles.net/0hu51i5bsg0q – Final will follow soon when available on iTunes.

  42. Samue98 says:

    The final episode of Agent X: http://hugefiles.net/phkb4jtc4p1b

  43. Samue98 says:

    Episode 12 on NCIS New Orleans http://hugefiles.net/t0wf48xi0sc0

  44. Dave says:

    Openload keeps saying it doesn’t allow adblockers even though I’ve disabled EVERYTHING related to adblocking. I do not run into this issue on other sites that offer openload links. Not sure what’s going on but it’s maddening, as you have shows that many do not (which I appreciate).

    • big_shamu says:

      Clearly your issues are with openload and not us. Write to them. Your browser/firewall might be blocking openload. Thats all I know. Good Luck.

  45. Samue98 says:

    Shades of Blue S01E03 False Face, False Heart 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264 – SAMUEL98



  46. habib says:

    hi there, just wanted to thank you for you amazing site. <3
    keep up the good work. well done.

  47. John says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for this site. IT used to take for ever downloading walking dead from torrent. now I can get it a hour and half sooner.

  48. Smokeshock says:

    I love your site. ….specially “Avengers Assemble : Ultron Revolution, Spider-Man vs Sinister, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”…thanks again for 720p & 1080p…
    Please upload upcoming all episodes πŸ™‚ as soon as possible

  49. Zzh says:

    Good Job!

  50. Dude says:

    Just a quick note of appreciation to say – THANK YOU for posting the Star Trek Extras. Think this encoder ought to start referring to him/herself as SAINT Grym… Thanks again and keep up the great work 2ddl!!!
    P.S. LOVE the new site!!

  51. Johnny says:


    Isn’t possible to see the RSS by category?

  52. Asad says:

    When i wanted to search for latest Movies and TV shows, you are always my first choice, i have seen shows on your site which i never knew existed, so thank you so much for bringing such entertainment.

  53. Simon says:

    To say that we love the entertainment you bring us daily would be quite an understatement! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! YOU GUYS \m/ \m/\m/ !!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  54. Deny - Brazilian says:

    Dude, I just would want to thank you all for the nice job done posting UFC fights, movies and it all!

  55. szachtar says:

    My pass not working


  56. Dude says:

    As a HUGE Marvel Comic movies fan – THANK YOU for posting “Doctor Strange 2016 BRrip EXTRAS’!! Can’t wait to watch these files!!! Absolutely LOVE this site… Cheers and thanks again!!!!

  57. Ayyy Lmao says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome job you guys are doing! This is truly one of the best release sites ever! Thanks <3

  58. William UK says:

    Just want to say 2ddl rocks!!!

  59. Chaz says:

    Thank for your posts. All of your hard work and making things accessible to everyone.

  60. ybloodz says:


    I’ve been using your site for a long time and I just wanted to thank you for all your work. Thank you all

    • davvvv hafsf says:

      Just wanted to let you guys know that the site is unreachable without a proxy. Im located in the U.S.A, btw.

      • Ghost says:

        How do you access the site?,have you used aradblend.website directly?

        • davvvv hafsf says:

          Yes, i type aradblend.website in to browser. i’ve tried Edge, opera and Fire Fox and all of them fail. Once i use a proxy (btw i have it set to Netherlands) i can connect no problem.

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